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Started in 2010 by Juno Nominee Topon Das, Apartment 2 Recording is a laid back environment for creating & recording music.

Professionally treated live and control rooms equipped with 16 inputs, a fleet of microphones and various outboard gear, an array of amplifiers, cabinets and a full drum kit, the studio offers the versatility of individual instrument tracking, as well as full band tracking.

Apartment 2 Recording strives to bring comfort and professionalism together, leaving few distractions during the creation process.


Apartment 2 Recording Live Room
Acoustic Guitar and Microphone
Control Room
Drum Trakcing
Drum Kit Microphone
Guitar Cabinet Microphone
Recording Equipment
JZ Microphones V11



Every musician and artist is different and we strive to capture your unique sound in a way that you're most comfortable with. Record each instrument individually or capture a live off the floor performance. There are many different option that we can explore to make sure your music comes out sounding as it should. 


We can mix your album, EP or single whether it was recorded here, at another studio or even at home. We work until you're 100% happy with no limit of revisions. Also, with access to our arsenal of vintage tube amplifiers and microphones, we offer a re-amping service if you want a more organic guitar tone that you weren't able to record at home. 


Whether you're wrapping up your release here or need a fresh set of ears, we can finalize your music and make sure it's sounding it's best before releasing it to the world. We can prepare your music for digital, CD or vinyl release as well as making sure that it'll sound how it should across all streaming platforms.  


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Fuck The Fatcs
Desire Will Rot
Despair, Erosion, Loss
Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone
The Great Sabatini
The Royal We
The Night Watch
Dead Weights
Dead Ends and Closed Doors
Life on Trail
As The Dark Clouds Swept Away...
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Ottawa, ON

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Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone

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